Simplified ERP Solution for Retail, Restaurant, and Distribution

Customized solutions for Retail, Restaurant, and Distribution businesses. Simplify operations and fuel growth with GoFrugal ERP.

Retail Management system

Craft Your Retail Operation with Our Management System!

Simplify your business operations with our versatile retail management system, designed to fit seamlessly into any industry, ensuring efficiency and success at every step.

Retail POS inventory control

Track, manage, and reorder stock effortlessly with Zakya POS software's inventory control features.

Business intelligence and data security

Gain insights securely with Zakya POS software's robust business intelligence and data protection.

CRM and Loyalty

Build customer loyalty with Zakya POS software's integrated CRM and loyalty program tools.

Streamlined supply chain

Manage suppliers, orders, and deliveries seamlessly with Zakya POS software's supply chain tools.

Integrated accounting

Keep finances organized with Zakya POS software's seamless integration of accounting processes.

Efficient billing solutions

Simplify checkout and ensure accuracy with Zakya POS software's efficient billing features.

Restaurant Management system

Step Into the Future of Restaurant Management – Beyond Traditional POS!

Simplify your restaurant operations with our user-friendly management system. From reservations to inventory, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your restaurant game today!

Inventory Management

Track, organize, and optimize stock effortlessly with our ERP's inventory management tools.

Purchase management

Streamline procurement processes with our ERP's purchase management features for smooth operations.

Online order management

Handle online orders seamlessly with our ERP's efficient online order management system.

Effortless table management

Manage restaurant tables effortlessly with our ERP's intuitive table management functionalities.

Production Management

Control and optimize production processes seamlessly with our ERP's production management tools.

CRM and Loyalty

Cultivate customer loyalty and relationships effectively with our ERP's CRM and loyalty features.

Effortless accounting and GST management

Simplify accounting and GST management effortlessly with our ERP solution.

Franchise and chain management

Efficiently manage franchises and chains with our ERP's specialized management capabilities.

Data backup, security, and integrations

Ensure data safety, integrate seamlessly, and backup data securely with our ERP.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions using insights derived from our ERP's powerful business intelligence tools.

Distributor Management system

Optimise Your Wholesale Operations with our Distribution Management Software!

Simplify how you distribute products with our easy-to-use system. Keep track of orders, manage inventory, and work better with your distributors. It’s a hassle-free way to improve your distribution process and grow your business. Get started today and see the difference!

Faster Order Management

Expedite order processing with our distribution management system's swift and efficient order management features.

Control Price and Margin

Maintain control over pricing and margins effortlessly with our distribution management solution.

Returns Management

Handle returns efficiently and effectively with our distribution management solution's streamlined returns management features.

Financial Accounts Management

Manage financial accounts smoothly with our distribution management system's comprehensive financial management functionalities.

Security Control

Ensure data security and access control with our distribution management system's robust security measures.

Route and Rep Management

Efficiently manage routes and representatives with our distribution management platform's specialized management tools.

Multi-Store Management

Seamlessly manage multiple stores with our distribution management solution's integrated multi-store management capabilities.

Profitable Inventory Management

Optimize inventory for profitability using our distribution management system's advanced inventory management capabilities.

Credits and Outstanding Management

Manage credits and outstanding balances seamlessly with our distribution management platform.

Management Information System and Business Intelligence Reports

Access valuable insights and reports through our distribution management system's management information system and business intelligence features.

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